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An original log house was built with the use of Gór-Stal materials

An original log house was built with the use of Gór-Stal materials
2016-02-11 13:38:56

The Millennium Hall, an entertainment and shopping centre in Rzeszów, celebrated its fourth birthday. On this occasion, a log home was built on the mall's square over ten days. The Gór-Stal Company had been invited to participate in the project, and it had provided polyisocyanurate thermal insulation panels (PIR). 

The "Your first home" project is an initiative of the Polish Federation of Roofers, Metalsmiths and Carpenters (Polska Federacja Dekarzy, Blacharzy i Cieśli). It has created a fully functional house which can be used all year round and which meets strict energy efficiency requirements. The organizers chose the termPIR AL panel of the Gór-Stal brand, intended for insulation of, among other things, roofs, cavity walls, floors, foundations, and partition walls. PIR panels are an optimal alternative to the most popular thermal insulation materials. They provide more efficient thermal insulation compared to such materials as mineral wool or foamed polystyrene.

- We build houses in a modern way. We avoid moisture and prevent heat loss through leaks in the structure. It is also of importance that all materials used to build the house, including wood, are of the highest quality and have the required certificates to enable their sale - says Jerzy Romanow, the President of the Polish Federation of Roofers, Metalsmiths and Carpenters.

The house was built in front of customers. The work of professionals could be observed for 10 days. The starting price constituted 50% of the market value of the materials and services used, namely PLN 75,000. In the end, the finished log house was sold for PLN 100,000. Soon it will be transported to its proud owners. The house has a skeleton construction tested in our climate zone, which, at the same time, makes it possible to gain many practical benefits from using modern materials.

Gór-Stal has been operating on the market since 2003. The company is engaged in the production of the most technically and environmentally advanced sandwich panels with a polyurethane core. These panels are used to construct, among other things, supermarkets, factories, as well as storage, logistics, and production halls.

The company from Gorlice provides panels for hundreds of facilities in Poland and Europe. It has launched production of innovative termPIR panels in the Bochnia Economic Zone, which are used in thermal insulation systems in the construction industry. This is the second plant of this type in the country.