Sandwich panels - the most important features

Most often, of course, for economic reasons, a galvanized steel sheet is used, additionally covered with varnish or plastic impregnation. Such a material is relatively easy to process outside and therefore it is available in a wide range of colors - sandwich panels are usually offered in RAL colors, but other color variants are also available, usually at the customer's request.

Wall sandwich panels have two basic functions - one is to properly bear loads and stiffen the building structure, making it more stable. The second function is, of course, the task of effective thermal insulation. Insulation is a very important aspect of sandwich panels. It is provided by the panel core, made of e.g. polyurethane foam or mineral wool, and it is by far the most effective method of keeping heat in the building. Right behind it, in terms of safety, is polystyrene, especially in the self-extinguishing version.

Thermal insulation and the specificity of a building object

It is worth remembering that the choice of sandwich panel material is strictly dependent on the specificity of the facility in which the panels must be installed. We will use different insulation when the place is exposed to moisture, and another when the place is exposed to high temperatures.