At a time when heating bills are reaching horrendous prices, modern facilities are built to be maximally energy efficient. Until recently, energy efficiency was achieved by using materials such as polystyrene or mineral wool. Currently, however, more and more people are leaning to more modern and future-oriented solutions, such as termPIR® insulation boards.

termPIR® board and traditional solutions

Why have insulation boards become so popular? First of all, because they perfectly meet the European Union standards for building insulation. termPIR® insulation boards are unrivaled when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. They have an extremely low thermal conductivity coefficient. If we choose termPIR® boards for building insulation, we only need to apply a thin layer. It will be as effective as traditional solutions, but it will not take away the usable floor space inside. The panels can also be used as part of more complex thermal insulation systems. A wide range of products enables insulation of roofs, attics, ceilings, walls, terraces, basements, and even foundations and floors.

Advantages of thermal insulation boards

Polyurethane insulation boards have a number of other advantages that have made them so popular. First of all, they can be installed at any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions outside. termPIR® boards are extremely resistant to compression and damage, withstand pressure up to 12 tons. Hardly anything can damage them during normal use. Boards are resistant to water, but also to fire. Few people know that termPIR® boards are also a barrier to rodents that are unable to force them. The plates are available in different thicknesses, which provide different heat transfer coefficient. Manufacturers of PIR panels offer several types of panels, dedicated to insulating objects for various purposes. Thermal insulation with termPIR® panels is relatively fast and simple.