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PIR Sandwich Panels


Gór-Stal offers a wide range of innovative wall, roof or cooling layered boards containing the core made of polyisocyanurate  foam  (PIR). These  boards  consist  of  two  linings  made  of  steel  sheets  galvanized  on  both  sides, with  organic  polyester  lacquer  coating  of  25 µm  and  the  s tructural  and  insulation  core  made  of  rigid, Freon-free, self-extinguishing PIR foam with great thermal insulation and fire resistance. Thermal conduction coefficient  is  λ = 0.022 W/m*K.  PIR  foams  are  characterized  by  strengthened  resistance  against high temperatures, they  decompose  at  temperatures  over  325ºC and their  carbonization  is  ca.  50%. The  carbonized layer protects against penetration of high temperatures through a board resulting in more efficient fire protection barrier.  Diversified  colours  and  profiles  result  in  various  possibilities  for  architects. ​


GS insPIRe S GS insPIRe S Polyisocyanurate wall panel GS insPIRe U GS insPIRe U Polyisocyanurate wall panel GS PIR D GS PIR D Polyisocyanurate roof panel GS insPIRe CH GS insPIRe CH Polyisocyanurate coldstore panel