Producent płyt warstwowych i płyty obornickiej – Gór-Stal

Gór-Stal is one of the largest Polish producers of sandwich panels and termPIR insulation panels. With over twelve years of experience and extensive knowledge, we have a good understanding of market needs, so we create products and solutions that provide our customers with real benefits.

Gór-Stal is a Polish company which was established in 2003. Originally, it was to produce and sell ready-made elements of steel structures. An increase in demand for light construction materials intended for industrial facilities caused that the co-owners bought a line for the production of sandwich panels with a polyurethane core, which was one of the most modern and technologically advanced lines in Europe. The company is engaged in the production of sandwich panels and termPIR insulation panels. Sandwich panels constitute a light construction material commonly used for cladding of industrial, storage and production halls, administrative buildings, freezers and cold stores. 

The founders and co-owners of the Gór-Stal Company are Adam Górski, a well-known entrepreneur and investor from Nowy Sącz, a founder of a number of commercial and production companies, Franciszek Kluba, an entrepreneur from Krakow engaged in the production of and trading in steel products, and Jerzy Wasilewski, an entrepreneur and founder of a construction company operating in the United States.

The production of sandwich panels with a polyurethane core started in 2007. Since its inception, the company has been rapidly developing, expanding its operations both geographically and in terms of products offered. Gór-Stal is recognized by customers in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, France, Germany, Estonia, the Nordic countries, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. At present, we have two factories, one in Gorlice and the other one in Bochnia, in which we produce termPIR insulation boards.