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Insulation boards for cold rooms and freezers



Insulation board - application

Cold stores and freezers are facilities with a specific microclimate, intended for storage and processing of food products and other special-purpose products (e.g. from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry). Maintaining the right internal temperature is the most important goal that guides the designers of this type of objects. The desired effect can be achieved by using GÓR STAL sandwich panels with a polyurethane core from the insPIRe IZOOPROOF thermal insulation boards.

We work comprehensively, and our solutions are used in the case of ceilings, walls and floors. The use of our products in the insulation of freezers and cold rooms makes these facilities have the highest utility values, regardless of the temperature outside

Polish manufacturer's insulation boards

Discover innovative solutions from GÓR-STAL today! We manufacture thermal insulation panels and sandwich panels that meet the requirements of energy efficiency and ecology. More details below.


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Insulation boards for cold rooms and freezers
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