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Sandwich panels for livestock buildings



Livestock buildings - the use of sandwich panels (Obornicka)

The basic factors that determine the efficiency and health of farming are temperature and humidity inside livestock buildings. Ensuring the optimal level of these parameters prevents the development of dangerous diseases, fungi and mold, positively affecting the condition of animals.

The ideal thermal insulation material - intended for use in the interior of poultry houses, barns, piggery or stable - is polyurethane foam, which ensures the maintenance of an appropriate microclimate. It is used for the production of high quality IZOPROOF insulation boards.

Sandwich panel: wall, roof and ceiling

Sloping and flat roofs, suspended ceilings, external walls and floors - if you are looking for polyurethane sandwich panels for livestock buildings, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the GÓR-STAL company. We specialize in the production of insPIRe sandwich panels and termPIR® insulation panels. We write more about the offer below.


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Sandwich panels for livestock buildings
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