Producent płyt warstwowych i płyty obornickiej – Gór-Stal

Gaskets and other Accessories

  • Gaskets for sandwich panels from Gór-Stal
  • Sealing flanges intended for passage of ducts (e.g. ventilation) through the casing made of sandwich panels
  • Bushings - washers for cold plates

We supply adhesive, polyurethane (PUS and PURS), polyethylene (PED) and butyl sealing tapes. Details in our product catalog. 

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Self drilling screws:

  • for hot rolled construction (wall thickness from 3 to 12 mm)
  • for cold-bent construction (thickness from 1.5 mm to 5 mm)

On special order it is possible to provide caps or connectors in the color of the outer cladding of the sandwich panel. GORLICKA sandwich panels can be joined to steel, reinforced concrete and wooden constructions using dedicated fasteners. Detailed information on connectors can be found in our technical catalogues.

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  • Length: 3000 mm or 6000 mm
  • Material: galvanized steel sheet
  • Protective coating: polyester varnish
  • Additional protection: foil

The Gór-Stal company has a profiling machine that allows bending of 1.25 mm thick sheet metal (maximum length of 6 m), in typical shapes from the catalog and according to the individual design of the customer. Detailed information on sheet thickness and colors can be found in the catalog dedicated to a specific panel.

The flashings are protected against damage by foiling the top side. Detailed data is available in the section "For designers - flashing"