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Gór-Stal supports the World Youth Day

Gór-Stal supports the World Youth Day
2016-05-24 10:45:47

The Bochnia hospital has received significant financial support, which will back up the medical protection during this important event. The facility in Bochnia has been granted the status of a field hospital, which is the place where those in need will land first.

The hospital has already appointed a team for the preparation of medical protection during the World Youth Day. Its main objective is to coordinate activities of all units of the hospital. It involves e.g. securing an adequate number of medical staff, medicines, food and medical equipment.

'It is a huge challenge to reconcile ongoing activities of the hospital with ensuring safety of so many pilgrims from around the world,' said Jarosław Kycia, Head of the Bochnia hospital. 'It requires substantial financial and equipment support, which we are soliciting in the Ministry of Health and the Małopolska Voivodeship Office,' he added.

On the initiative of paramedics from Bochnia, the hospital is also preparing for exercises that will allow it to test its internal plans, procedures and rules of conduct in emergency. 

The financial support provided by Gór-Stal will contribute to the purchase of necessary medical equipment.


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