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Polyisocyanurate roof panel 150 mm thick

Polyisocyanurate roof panel  150 mm thick
2022-03-17 11:36:38

We have good news for you, we are adding a roof plate with a polyurethane foam core, 150 mm thick. The new GS PIR D panel has the Ud, S [W / m2K] coefficient equal to 0.15. Classification in terms of fire resistance RE 30 / RE 120. Reaction to fire B-s1, d0

GS PIR D roof panels are intended for roofing. They are characterized by a very deep re-profiling of the trapezoidal external cladding. It is related to the transfer of long-term operational loads by them. The boards are fixed with screws to a wooden, steel or reinforced concrete structure. The minimum of the roof slopes is 3 ° (5.2%) without skylights and 5 ° (8.7%) for a roof covering with lengthwise connection. The cladding of the panel is made of steel sheet, galvanized on both sides according to EN 10346 with organic polyester varnish with a coating thickness of 25 μm. The modular width of the panel is 1000 mm, and its standard lengths range from 2.0 m to 12.0 m. On special request, we deliver panels shorter than 2.0 m and longer than 12.0 m, with a maximum length of 16.5 m. m. The tightness of the panel joints is ensured by the PUS polyurethane gasket applied at the production stage.

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