Producent płyt warstwowych i płyty obornickiej – Gór-Stal
Exterior walls of the cold store / freezer - view from the outside
  •      GS insPIRe CH® sandwich panel
  •      Polyethylene sealing tape (PES)
  •      Flashing the connection of panels with the foundation
  •      Construction of the object

Dedicated GS sandwich panels with a specially designed lock marked with the insPIRe® CH symbol ensure achieving high thermal insulation of the whole partition by significantly reducing the thermal bridges on the longitudinal joints of the panels. In addition, the use of plastic fasteners and careful filling of transverse joints with low-pressure polyurethane foam guarantees meeting the requirements for freezing walls.

If you have questions about other GS sandwich panel applications or the assembly itself, please contact our Technical and Commercial Advisor or the Technical Department.