Producent płyt warstwowych i płyty obornickiej – Gór-Stal
Suspended ceiling - boards with a FIT milling
  • Thermal insulation board termPIR® AGRO AL or termPIR® AGRO P
  • Dedicated profile for connecting panels made of PVC
  • Hanger for fixing PVC profiles
  • Dedicated profile made of PVC
  • System connector for fixing thermal insulation (screw + sleeve), providing additional protection. It is recommended to use on every other support

The Gór Stal company's offer includes thermal insulation panels dedicated for making ceilings in livestock buildings. Their linings are characterized by increased resistance to the influence of an aggressive internal environment, and their additional advantage is the possibility of washing with running water. In the case of panels with a FIT cutter, mounting profiles should be used for fixing, which the company distributes.

The graphic shows one of the possible solutions. If you have questions about other possible applications, please contact our Technical Sales Manager or Technical Department.

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