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PIR Sandwich Panels


Nowadays it is difficult to imagine construction, especially indoor, industrial or agricultural (storage rooms, cold stores, freezers, rooms for farm animals) without using sandwich panels. Quick and easy assembly, the ability to carry out work even in difficult weather conditions, low investment costs, modernity and versatility of the system make sandwich panels the best material for construction.
Sandwich panels are constructions composed of rationally selected and properly connected structural and insulation-constructional materials. They consist of two claddings made of sheet steel and an insulating core with appropriate thermal insulation and mechanical properties. As cladding, galvanized steel sheet with organic polyester varnish with a coating thickness of 25 microns is used. The Gór-Stal company has been cooperating with renowned European and Asian steel mills for years. Organically coated sheet metal is subject to constant control both after each production process and after delivery to the warehouse in Gorlice. It is thanks to its appropriate parameters and the unique PIR foam formulation that Gór-Stal provides its customers with safety and stability of mechanical and insulation parameters.


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